During the coronavirus restrictions, Club members must comply with the government’s regulations and uphold the good name of the Club.

Exercise is good for our health, both physical and mental. As cyclists the bike is always going to be number one choice.

It is of course allowed, government sanctioned even, but we also need to be responsible so please do follow the rules.

The rules in relation to exercise are: go out for limited exercise, solo, or only with members of your own household.

Undermining the regulations by riding with others not in your household may lead to the government introducing greater restrictions for us all.

There are some spreading misinformation about cycling, inparticular suggesting there is a one-hour time limit. There is not a ‘one-hour limit’ on your outdoor cycling activity. The government guidance allows reasonable exercise, it mentions staying local but does not set a time limit. Local can include a ride from home on a regular ride route. Local isn’t defined, but it may not be appropriate to be out on a 100 mile ride, for example to Brighton and back. You must be able to get back home under your own steam, so you must take sufficient food/drink and spares with you.

Try to avoid routes where there are likely to be large numbers of other cyclists, especially at weekends and in good weather. Do not draft other cyclists and if you overtake any cyclists, stay well back and move out to overtake much earlier than you would normally do. When you overtake, please stay out for a long distance after you have passed.

Please also move out when you pass pedestrians. When approaching pedestrians please check behind, signal to other road users that you are moving out, then do so, as long as it is safe.

Analysis of exhaled droplets in wind tunnels, conducted by universities in Belgium and Netherlands, concluded that the typical guidance to keep 2m apart is “very effective” when standing still, either indoors or in calm weather, but is inadequate when exercising in the direct path of other members of the public.

The paper, entitled Social Distancing v2.0: During Walking, Running and Cycling, found walkers should keep at least 4m clear when following others, runners should stay 10m from one another other, and fast cyclists should ride as much as 20m apart, in order to avoid passing through “droplet clouds” from others exercising.

On a final note. it is always a nice gesture to smile and wave or signal to others, whether they are on foot or on a bike.

Safe cycling 😊

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