Dear All

Welcome to the week. The weather forecast is for things to get better and warmer. Lots of sun Monday pm but not warm enough to avoid ice until Tuesday onwards.

Its the 4th Sunday of the month so its the club Hills run this weekend.

Regular Riding

Thursday: Paceline 7:30 pm Hook Road Arena


Surrey Hills. Meet Kingston Bridge for 8:30am. This month we will take the Rudgwick option out over the hills for coffee at the Milk Churn.

Anyone time or fitness limited who wants a shorter ride, come with us and turn off to box hill from the top of Critten lane.

For those starting to ramp up the miles and wanting to peak for Flanders we will have an option to head down from Rudgwick to turn at Goodwood and back up via lunch at MIdhurst. (about 160kms 1500m climbing) GPx attached (see below).

See you all Sunday.