Four intrepid gals and one plucky fella set out to ride the infamous North Coast 500, that idyllic route around – funnily enough – the upper north-west coast of Scotland over six days in mid September 2016.

It was memorable for a number of reasons: the scenery (stunning), the weather (surprisingly sunny for the time of year), the roads (excellent), the car drivers (respectful), the traffic (virtually non-existent), the route (hilly), and the company (of course). Our accommodation varied from a sumptuous B&B in Laide, to a quirky SYHA in Durness, to a downright back-to-the-70s ‘bunkhouse’ annex in Crask Inn.

There was porridge aplenty and beautiful views at every turn. People were incredibly friendly and helpful and we loved our close encounters with the hairy cows. Self-supported, taking turns behind the wheel of our trusted hired van, we had a trip of a lifetime and would definitely recommend the NC500 to anyone looking for a challenge laced with breathtaking views and no arse-y Surrey-style drivers to contend with!