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PCC is a British Cycling Affiliated Club, which allows our members to enter British Cycling Races and represent PCC.

The club pays a yearly membership to several organisations that organise races, including London Women’s Racing and Surrey League


Types of Racing:


PCC has it’s racing roots in Cyclocross through Pearson’s own Third Generation Guy Pearson who was a Junior Cyclocross Champion.

Several of our PCC members participate in Cyclocross races throughout the year in both the winter and summer series.


Time Trial


Do you need to be certified to race?

How do I register for races?

Who to talk to?

Suzanne, Tony or Chris, as appropriate


As a British Cycling Affilliated Club we are requested to help Marshal two races of the Surrey League Summer Road Race Series each Year.  The Club Secretary will communicate the dates of these events and request volunteers.  An event will be created on the website for you to signup for if you are interested in helping out.