Club runs are a social occasion, very importantly they are not for racing.

The aim is to have fun, to stay safe and enjoy getting out on our bikes.

Please do respect other road users, we are all governed by the Highway Code, even in Surrey!

Make sure your bike is safe for the road before setting off.

Riding in a group can be intimidating at first, but is great fun and aides the efficiency of your riding. Good guidance about riding as part of a peloton can be found on the link below from British Cycling.

Aim to ride with around (just less) than one metre from the wheel of the rider in front. It is demonstrably safest for groups of cyclists to ride in pairs, but not more than two abreast. Each rider should position themselves directly behind the rider in front. At times riders should single-out if this would enable cars to pass safely, or if the road conditions make it sensible to do so. The ride leaders will usually call out changes.

When riding it is advised to ride with your hands on the hoods and avoid braking suddenly. Hold your line, relax and importantly don’t overlap wheels with the rider in front. Looking forward and watching the shoulders of the rider in front allows appreciation of when they may change their riding. Riders at the front should warn following riders of hazards ahead e.g. potholes, horses, either verbally or through hand gestures. Those at the back should let the group know if anyone is falling behind.

The ride leaders are experienced riders and are there to keep the group together and to help guide everyone around the routes. They may ask you to adjust your speed or road position in order to make the ride safer and more enjoyable for everyone involved. Please listen to them.

Efforts will be made to keep the groups together at all times. Around junctions, at the top and the bottom of hill the group should slow to allow everyone to regroup/ clip in etc. People falling off the pace at the back will be waited for, however those racing off the front will not be chased.

If someone punctures or has a mechanical, the group is expected to stop. Please ensure you bring spare inner tubes, tyre levers and pump. It is worth checking your tyres for embedded bits of flint and glass etc prior to a ride. Most punctures occur when bits of debris from earlier rides are forced further through the tyre.

If you’re new, then welcome. Do please identify yourself to those leading the club run who will explain how the run will work and where it is going and most suitable groups.

Lastly we have very distinctive and smart kit, please wear it with pride on the run. It looks great in photos.

Enjoy your riding, remember we are all responsible for the enjoyment and safety of the ride.

A handy document can be downloaded and printed by following this link: