Following some recent incidents, the PCC committee has considered what we can do to ensure that the club rides are safe but remain enjoyable.

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of riding both safely and organised on the club rides.  This is the responsibility of everyone on the rides, not just the Ride Leaders.

The Committee recognises that there are many experienced riders in the club and this message is aimed at using that experience to assist the Ride Leaders manage the groups for everyone’s benefit.

Please always be aware of and respect all other road users.   In club kit, we represent both Pearson CC and Pearson Cycles and we need to make sure we always show due consideration.

With that in mind please always respect these aspects of club rides:

  • Listen and follow any instructions given by the Ride Leaders at the start of the ride
  • We ride in manageable groups at all times – once allocated a group please don’t set off in a different one or move to another group without discussing it first with the Ride Leader
  • Unless instructed to by your Ride Leader, we ride in a tight 2×2 group – please ensure you stay in that formation and don’t string out and leave gaps.
  • If one group catches up with a group ahead, please ensure that it doesn’t merge into one and keep a reasonable gap in between to allow enough room for vehicles
  • Listen and follow any instructions given by your Ride Leader. Do not question or argue – you may not be aware of why the instructions have been given
  • It is the whole group’s responsibility to ensure nobody is dropped.  If someone is falling behind, let everyone know and ensure the group slows down
  • The Ride Leader sets the pace.   Keep up with them at all times and if it’s too fast, ask for it to be slowed.  If you want to go to the front – do not increase the pace
  • We stop and regroup at the top of hills and wait.  Do not carry on and wait for the group to catch up
  • Likewise for mechanicals – the group stops and waits. Do not carry on and wait for people to catch up
  • Please respect the pace of the group you are in – if it’s too slow or fast, be patient and look to swap groups at the coffee stop and ensure the Ride Leaders are aware

We want the club rides to be enjoyable and inclusive group rides.   Set an example and show how good our club can be.

The committee wants to hear the views of everyone in the club, so if you have any feedback on this guidance note or any club ride, please pass it on to one of the Committee members.

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